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So this is the bit about me and my journey. This Poole Wedding Photographer started of studying Art and Photography at The Arts Institute in Bournemouth. My passion for travel and photography propelled me to spend the next 3 1/2 years travelling the world on luxury cruise ships. I roamed from Europe to Africa, throughout Asia and  the Far East, Australia and New Zealand. Oh yeah, I did stop of in Canada the US , and discovered the beauty of Alaska, what a place. Experiencing diverse cultures and landscapes inspired me to capture real moments through my best friend, thats my lens by the way. People and Places are what drives and inspires me, I love capturing real emotion, real people.

Me and my camera have been at it now for, well over 15 years. All of that professional experience, from fashion studios, travel but mostly my real passion shooting weddings. I'm an artist and I simply love documenting and capturing real moments in time, those interactions that say more than words.

My style is elegant and contemporary, I create beautiful, graceful and intimate images that illustrate true emotion. I capture all the big moments of your day and your love story, but also the special ones when you think no ones looking. I'm dedicated in producing images stay with you for a life time and stir up unique memories and emotions from your wedding day.

So we can get to know each other, I include a free pre-wedding shoot at a location of your choice. For me it's important to build a relationship with You my customers, so they trust me. It makes the day feel as comfortable as possible in front of my lens.

So if your looking for Poole Wedding Photographer, then  Look no further. I also shoot many weddings locally in Bournemouth, Christchurch & Dorset. But I'm willing to travel for weddings all over the UK. Just call or email today